Community Conversations — Stay Tuned!

The OCS’s Community Conversations utilize circular practices to cultivate diverse perspectives, tap collective wisdom, and begin to mobilize tangible community action. Building on the success of our past Community Conversations, the OCS will be hosting a series on systems change and sustainability in the Winter of 2023. Stay tuned!

Come prepared for something different.

We use circle practices to tap into our community’s diversity and creativity, nurture relationships, and ensure the authentic, open exchange of ideas. For this we must all be responsible for listening and speaking with intention. Circle practice honours equality of voice and being, invites the diversity of perspective, and ultimately helps access the wisdom of community.

You will not need to prepare or learn anything in advance of the event. In fact, we’d like for you to come to the event unrehearsed and share in an emergent way. This is circle. It’s about creating trust and trusting your instincts to say what needs to be said in a dialogue. We hope to build this collective muscle so we are providing you with a little background and explanation of our format. 

What is Circle Practice?

Circle practice is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic. We use circle practice, to foster open and trusting relationships, where we are invited to share authentically and listen deeply, creating the possibility of feeling fully seen and heard, which is essential in developing a sense of belonging and community. Circle practice honours equality of being, invites the diversity of perspective, and provides access into collective wisdom.

About the Okanagan Circular Society

The Okanagan Circular Society (OCS) is a growing group of individuals who believe in the collective intelligence and wisdom of community. It is an innovative community-driven and community-supported wealth generation model that advances social and economic transformation.

The vision is to use community knowledge and wisdom to emphasize interdependence and community wealth and well-being across the Okanagan. Our purpose is to use circular approaches and practices to elevate the community dialogue and promote the creativity needed to advance collaborations and enterprises that contribute to a just, peaceful, resilient, and sustainable region.

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