OCS Community Enterprise Overview

We are pleased to announce the release of Okanagan Circular Society’s Community Enterprise Overview, a short yet comprehensive tour of the OCS vision, model, approach, and key areas of activity.

Significant progress has been made, and has planned three initial focus areas related to Phase 2 of the roadmap:

  • Corporate Development
  • Community Wealth Building
  • Food Resilience Venture

We welcome the OCS team working to realize the OCS’s community potential, with extensive experience across business, academic, community, and sustainability sectors – and highlights the OCS’s power to draw top talent around the purpose of generating community wealth and well-being.

Co-creating holistic socio-economic systems invites all of our responsibility. The OCS has a solid foundation built, and is ready to develop the larger Community Enterprise framework for rebuilding community wealth and well-being.

Opportunity for Funding & Co-creation

To realize the OCS potential, we are requesting not-for-profit funding for Phase 2 and Phase 3. With traditional economic development funding to be tapped for Phases 4, and Phase 3 providing opportunities for investment capital with social returns.

The OCS team invites expertise to help build the scalable Community Enterprise.

For more information, please contact OCS Lead Shane Lapp by phone at 778-363-2531 and email at [email protected].

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