Key Initiatives

The OCS Community Enterprise offers a truly collaborative framework that infuses the best of current social and economic efforts, within a holistic self-governing community framework. By working together in an integrated way, we can begin to transform root causes of systemic challenges, resulting in lasting positive change for the well-being of the Okanagan and beyond.

Food Resilience

The Okanagan food system is fragile, and is weakening with economic pressures. The OCS Community Enterprise, in combination with inclusive design approaches, unlocks scalable pathways to rebuild a resilient food system locally, and beyond.

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Community Dialogue

The OCS’s Community Conversations utilize circular practices to cultivate diverse perspectives, tap collective wisdom, and begin to mobilize tangible community action. Building on the success of our past Community Conversations, the OCS will be hosting a series on systems change and sustainability in the Winter of 2023. Stay tuned!

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Future Ventures

The OCS Community Enterprise creates transformative opportunities across economic sectors, including in housing, transportation, energy, and health-care. Once the food resilience initiative is going, the OCS, in collaboration with community, will focus on developing untapped value and systems approaches to rebuilding economic resilience across sectors.

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